The Shape of Co- to Come is a proposal, a symposium, an exhibition, a publication, a study circle, a research based site… that materializes in September in the ABF house in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Shape of Co- to Come is an invitation to a circle of people to explore collective transversality – tvärsektoriell samverkan – to be, see, discuss and listen to talks, films and performances that touch histories of labor and civil rights struggles, radical sound and voice experimentation, innovative educational visions, and intimate forms of solidarity. How can collisions of circles of expression and knowing co-create transversal relations rather than intolerance? Dreams of yesterday and tomorrow – in a multiplex nation, beyond the wavering attempts at co-existence on various societal scales, can the synergy of these intersecting practices of poetics and pedagogy, sound profusion and politicized formation, propose other circles, other geometries?

In 1912, the progressive pedagogy of the ‘study circle’ was developed within ABF (The Workers’ National Learning Coalition), embodying the educational ideals of the welfare state project. The all-activity ABF house has been a meeting place and study center for generations, where innumerous circles have been offered in political organizing, art, music, foreign languages, Swedish as a second language, current political topics; the space has even housed a jazz club. The Shape of CO- to Come takes as its departure point the co-existence in the ABF house in the 1960s between the circles of student groups, visitors, and organizers and the community around the radical free jazz club The Golden Circle. It was an experimental epoch in jazz, when a new musical language was being created.  The Golden Circle came to be an exile center for free jazz, where many of the well known names of the time played; such as Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, and Don Cherry, who himself gave study circles at ABF. What affect do the sounds and words of these interacting legacies, these Ghosts, have in a heterogenous society? Music is the Healing Force of the Universe.

Spirits, as solvent molecules move through semi-permeable membranes into regions of other concentration, to know and feel the shape of languages and learning to come. How do unknown dimensions of languages, of differences and gaps where language as we know it ends, contribute to the social construction of the future, forming other shapes of CO- that surpass the myopic, mono-linguistic, monolithic perspectival mud that seems to haunt the co-nversation. Kun-Skapa, knowl-Edge, co-create, co-llusion, co-llision, pollution, poly-fusion – A Love Cry for the terms of CO- to come. Something Else! This Stockholm Session might not end up in Complete Communion or Spiritual Unity through Eye and Ear Control, rather as an incisive exercise, a crash course in intertwining circles cross-pollinating the universe.

Tomorrow is the question!